What to Bring on the Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you will need to bring the following:

  • Insurance card(s) and Government issued photo ID – Due to the Identity Theft Laws, patients are required to bring in a valid picture ID and insurance card, along with any financial payment due upon arrival. 
  • Driver/escort – Upon check in, a staff member will ask you for your rides name and telephone number so that we will be able to contact them with an estimated pick up time. 
  • Legal guardian (for children/dependent adults)
  • Interpreter (if necessary)
  • Advanced Directive
  • List of medications and dosage that you are taking including herbal and over the counter medications
  • Case for eyeglasses. Please leave contacts at home.
  • Small tote or bag for your clothes and belongings, or a plastic bag will be provided


Please bathe or shower with an antibacterial soap 1 day prior to your surgery and again on the morning of your surgery. Do not shave the area near your surgical site. If shaving is required near or at your surgical site, it will be done at the surgery center.

  • Do not put on any lotion, perfume, oils, makeup, or nail polish.
  • You can brush your teeth, but do not swallow any toothpaste or water.
  • Please remove nail polish from one finger.


Please wear comfortable clothing on the day of your surgery, such as button-down shirts and loose fitting pants. Wear comfortable slip-on shoes and no high heels. Greenbrae Surgery Center is not responsible for any lost or damaged property. Remove contact lenses. If needed wear glasses. Do not wear makeup, false eyelashes, hairpins or jewelry of any kind. Leave all jewelry (including all metal body piercings) and valuables at home.


You will need to arrive an hour prior to your scheduled surgery time. Once at the center, you will complete any necessary paperwork and prepare for surgery. Prior to the surgery, an anesthesiologist will meet with you to discuss your anesthesia and answer any questions.

Waiting Room

Please note that our waiting room is relatively small and does not allow for large groups of people. Patients should have no more than 2 people waiting for them in our waiting areas. Please make arrangements for childcare prior to your surgical date; children under 10 are not allowed to wait in the waiting room.

  • Parking is available

More Regarding Your Surgery