The team at Greenbrae Surgery Center wants to thank you for choosing us for your surgical procedure. Before that day, you will receive two calls from us.

One of the representatives from the business office will call to discuss your insurance coverage and give you an estimate of what you may be responsible for paying.

You will also get a call from one of our Registered Nurses on the pre-op team. He or she will call to review and prepare you for your procedure and discuss your past medical history. You may also receive another call if your procedure involves anesthesia.

According to federal regulations, we must speak to the patient or a guardian before the day of the surgery. Therefore, this pre-registration is vital.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the day of my procedure, what should I do upon arrival?

Proceed to the front desk where you will sign-in and have a seat. The receptionist will call you to fill out forms as necessary. You can always request assistance, if necessary.

How long does registration take?

Registration is complete in around 5-7 minutes. You will look over a number of forms and then a pre-op nurse escorts you to the pre-op area, to prepare you for your procedure.

Are there individual bills for various services?

Yes. The facility fees, labs ordered and anesthesiologist will each be billed separately. You will sign forms to allow us to bill you for this procedure. The process may vary if you are receiving local anesthesia or an epidural.

Should I obtain an Advance Directive?

Those over the age of 18 will be asked if there is an Advance Directive (medical living will or health care proxy). If you have one, it is helpful for you to bring it—so the facility can follow your wishes if the need for CPR arises.

It is Greenbrae Surgery Center’s policy to attempt to resuscitate all patients. The Advance Directive is recognized once transferred to a hospital.

What other forms will I be given?

You will receive the HIPAA Privacy Notice; you will need to sign the acknowledgement that you received this notice. If you have received this previously, another copy will not be given.

What do I do after the registration process is complete?

After registration, you will receive a wristband and will take a seat in the lobby. A pre-op nurse will later take you to prepare for your procedure.

When should I arrive for the procedure and what should be my expectations?

We generally encourage patients to arrive one hour before the start of the surgery time. During this hour, you will register and undergo pre-op procedures. This includes a pre-op interview, assessment, changing into a gown, beginning an IV (if necessary) and finishing paperwork. We strive to stick to scheduled times, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may cause a delay. However, if this is the case, it will be communicated to you directly.