gynecologist pelvic doctorDr. Wittenberg specializes in minimally invasive urogynecology and genitourinary surgery. She has been a practicing surgeon in California since 1999. She received her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley, as well as a Masters in Physiology and medical degree from Chicago Medical School. After 10 years of training in Chicago and at Johns Hopkins, she created the original Continence Center at California Pacific Medical Center. She has since developed the Comprehensive Pelvic Center at Pacific Gynecology & Obstetrics Medical Group office. She was the Director at Urogynecology Center of San Francisco and now performs vaginoplasty and other genitourinary surgeries for transfeminine individuals. She offers minimally invasive hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and vaginectomy for transmasculine patients.

Transfeminine surgeries to date:

Dr Wittenberg has performed over 100 vaginoplasties; in 2017, she completed 80+ surgeries. This averages to about 1-2 vaginoplasties per week. It has been proven that higher volume surgeons in any surgical field often have better outcomes.